Executive Financial Group is experienced in comprehensive personal and business financial planning and wealth management. Our experienced, professional advisors work as a team with other financial professionals, including estate attorneys, certified public accountants, real estate specialists, and long-term care consultants, allowing us to offer a broad range of financial services.

We Have Experience In The Following Areas:

Retirement Income Planning

As a firm, we assist clients in creating an ideal vision of their retirement. From there, we help convert that vision into a financial plan and investment strategy.

Investment Management

Don’t bet it all on black with your investments. You need a financial team of fiduciaries who can help give the right guidance.

IRA & 401(k) Rollovers

There are many benefits to rolling over your IRA or 401(k). Our team can help start the process.

Tax Planning

We have a wide variety of tax planning strategies to help you reduce your tax liability.

Social Security Optimization

At Executive Financial Group, we will work alongside you to discover a plan to better utilize your Social Security income.

Estate & Legacy Planning

We can help you make sure you’re ready for the final stages of life.

In addition, we have a four-step process we use to create a successful financial plan:

We begin this stage during our initial meeting by establishing and defining the client-planner relationship and start gathering client data, including information about your current financial status. We will also review your financial objectives and determine your specific goals and wishes for your financial future.

The primary objective of this stage is to analyze and evaluate the documents and information reviewed during our first meeting. We use this data to develop a comprehensive long-term strategy tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Next, we present our recommendations and/or alternatives designed to enhance your current financial position. We explain, in detail, each of the recommendations and how they were designed to help you reach your financial goals. The purpose of this meeting is to make sure you completely understand our advice and are comfortable moving forward.

The final component of a successful financial plan is to implement and monitor the recommendations selected. Our office will complete all necessary paperwork required to execute any changes, making the process quick and easy. When the changes are complete, all important financial documents, as well as a written plan to follow, are organized and delivered in our exclusive financial planning portfolio.Our portfolio is specifically designed to keep your documents and contracts organized and periodically updated. We monitor your portfolio on a regular basis to follow the progress of your goals and make any necessary adjustments to keep your plan on track.